Monty, LEGO® DUPLO® and Friends Colouring In

Get colouring in with our LEGO® DUPLO® themed activity sheet.

Download it today and let your kids go crazy colouring in everything.

Tell Monty About You

Monty is keen to get to know all this friends across the country even more. So he's made up a little activity sheet for everyone to fill out.

Simply download the sheet and fill in all the boxes.

Colouring In with LEGO® DUPLO®

Get colouring in with our LEGO® DUPLO® themed activity sheet. 

Download it today and let your kids go crazy with colours galore.

Monty's Mountain Maze

Monty has been out riding all around the mountain tops but has got a little bit lost.

Download the activity sheet and help him find his way back to his cabin.

Join the Dots with Monty

Get your pencils ready and help Monty join the dots to see what animals appear.

Download the activity sheet and get going.

Ice Paints with Monty

Want to get creative? Create these ice paints and just like Monty you can start painting anything you like.

Simply download the PDF and follow the instructions to see how you can make your very own ice paints.

Bake with Monty

Although Monty loves a good banana, he also quite likes baking some chocolate chip bikkies.

Download the activity sheet and you too can bake some of your own (with an adult of course).

Monty's Animal Crossword

The names of all of Monty's animal friends are hiding in the crossword.

Download the activity sheet and see if you can guess them all.

Monty's Active Dice

Monty loves a bit of exercise, so he has created this active dice to get you up and moving.

Download the activity sheet, put together your dice and then get rolling. Who knows what exercise will come up.

Monty's Autumn Leaf Hunt

There's a whole bunch of autumn leaves with different shapes, sizes and colours. But can you match them up?

Download the activity sheet and see how many you can pair together.

Monty's Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Monty loves the outdoors, so he thought he'd challenge you to get outside and see how many autumn-themed items you can find from his list.

Download the activity sheet and tick off all the items as you spot them.

Tic Tac Toe

It's a classic, but see if you can beat Monty or your family and friends to a good old game of Tic Tac Toe.

Download the activity sheet and get playing.

Colour In Monty

Your classic colouring in is back, featuring of course Monty the Monkey.

Download the activity sheet, get your pens and pencils out and get going.

Spot the Difference

Monty's been off on more adventures, this time with his balloons. But can you spot the differences in the pictures?

Download the activity sheet and mark off where all the differences may be.

Monty's World Puzzle

Fancy yourself as being good with words? Download the activity sheet and see how many words you can make out "Monty the Monkey".

Summer Flowers Match Up

Monty's got together a bunch of his favourite flowers but he needs you to match them up.

Download the activity sheet and see if you can find all the matching pairs of flowers.

How many Montys can you find?

Monty has hidden himself all over the beach. Download the activity sheet and see if you can spot all the Montys around.

Monty's Summer Word Hunt

Help Monty hunt out all the summer-themed words in this little activity.

Download the activity sheet and mark off all the words. Can you find them all?

Monty's Christmas Maze

Help Monty find his way to all the presents this Christmas.

Download the activity sheet and get searching.

Make your own Christmas Cards

Join Monty in making your own Christmas cards this year so you can give them to all your family and friends.

Simply download the PDF and get creative.

Monty's Santa Door Hanger

Keen for Santa to come this Christmas?

Download this activity sheet, cut out all the elements and make your very own Christmas-themed door hanger for your room.

Monty's Joke Machine

Think you're as funny as Monty? This old favourite will have you and your family laughing immediately. 

Download the activity sheet and get your joke machine ready in no time.

Monty Finger Puppets

Create your very own Monty the Monkey finger puppets.

Download the activity sheet, colour them in however you like and put them together to create your own Monkey madness.

Colour In Monty in the Outdoors

Monty's out and about exploring the outdoors.

Download the activity sheet and colour in Monty to add some life and colour to his surroundings. 

Spot the Difference at the Beach

Monty is at the beach, but some things are different since he was last here.

Download the activity sheet and see if you can spot all the differences.

Monty the Zookeeper

Help Monty find all the animals that have escaped from the zoo.

Download the activity sheet and find your way back to the zoo.

Monty's Dress Up Party

Monty's off to a dress up party but needs your help deciding his costume.

Download the activity sheet, colour in Monty's outfit choices and piece them together to see which is your favourite.

Monty's Family Tree

Piece together your family tree. Simply download the activity sheet, colour in your tree and draw pictures of your family.

Monty's Memory Match

Want to test your memory Monty style?

Download the PDF and set up the cards to see if you can come out on top against your family and friends.

Monty's Underwater Maze

Monty's needs to get to his underwater friends so they can hang out together.

Download the PDF and help Monty find his way.

Colour In Snorkelling Monty

Monty has decided to go snorkelling and discover the wonders of the ocean.

Download the PDF and colour in Monty and all his surroundings.

Monty's Missing Letters

Monty has written down a few words but has missed some of the letters in each one. 

Download the PDF and help Monty figure out how to spell them correctly.

Colour Monty's Mural

Help Monty make his mural really stand out by colouring it in. He's given you a helping hand by letting you do it by numbers.

Simply download the PDF and match the colour to the number.

Monty's Word Find

Monty the Monkey is friends with lots of different animals. He’s picked some of favourites and hidden the names of them for you to find.

Download the word find and see if you can spot them all. Don’t forget they could be hiding anywhere and in any direction!

Colour In Monty the Pirate

Help Monty colour in a picture of himself pretending to be a pirate.

Download the PDF, and co crazy with your crayons and pencils.

Spot the Difference in Monty's Garden

Monty loves a spot of gardening. But some things in the garden have changed. Can you spot what they are?

Simply download the PDF then circle all the differences you can see.

Shoot Hoops With Monty

Monty is keen to play some basketball, but he needs to make his way to the hoop.

Download the PDF, and help Monty find his way through the maze. 

Monty's Mask

Want to be a little monkey just like Monty? Now you can with this Monty Mask. The only difference is you choose the colours.

Dress up as Monty by downloading the picture, colouring it in and cutting it out. Remember to cut out the holes and tie some string to it too.

Banana Bonanza

Monty is hungry, so get in quick and count all the bananas before he eats them all.

Simply download the picture and get counting.

Monty the Pilot

Monty has designed an amazing paper plane for you to try out. 

Simply download and print out the plane and follow the easy instructions to get it folded perfectly. It will be sure to fly far, far into the distance.

Get Baking A Banana Cake

We all know Monty loves bananas, so it's little wonder he likes banana cake as well.

Download the recipe and get mum and dad to help you make a cake. We're sure you'll love it just as much as Monty.

Spot The Difference With Monty

Monty has been snapped out and about on his holidays, but one picture looks a little different to the other.

Download the picture and see if you can spot the differences.

Christmas Colour By Numbers

Monty wants to colour in this picture of himself at Christmas but he has forgotten his pencils. Why not give him a helping hand?  

Download the picture and then match the colours to the numbers. Afterwards you'll have a very colourful Monty for your wall.

Connect the Dots

Help Monty swing through the jungle by connecting the dots. All you need to do is download the activity and get going.

Fun In The Sun

Monty has been having a relaxing time at the beach recently. But now it's time to go home and he needs help finding his things.

Download the picture and get searching alongside Monty.

Crack Up This Christmas With Monty

Need some jokes to tell your family this Christmas? Monty has put together a few that will definitely get everyone laughing - you just need to work out the answers first.

Download the picture and match the letters to the numbers. Then all you have to do is remember to tell them on the big day.

Monty's Gardening Word Find

Monty has hidden a number of words, all related to gardening, in this word find.

Download the PDF and see if you can find them all.

Monty's Missing Present

Monty has lost one of his presents! He needs your help to find it before Christmas day.

Download the picture to see if you can get Monty through the maze to his gift.

Your Very Own Christmas Tree Decoration

These cute little reindeer will easily be the best Christmas tree decoration this year, especially since you'll have made it all yourself.

Simply download the instructions and away you go. You may need to ask mum or dad for a wee bit of help along the way with the scissors.

Monty's Christmas Colouring In

Monty is gearing up from Christmas but he needs your help deciding on the colour of his presents.

Maybe you want to go with traditional green and red Christmas colours or maybe you'll want to go bananas. Either way, download the picture and get going. 

Monty's Halloween Mask

Monty is getting ready to go trick or treating for Halloween, in fact he may end up on your doorstep.

Dress up as Monty by downloading the picture and cutting out your own Monty Mask. Make sure you're careful with the scissors though.

Colour In Monty

Monty loves playing the drums. But he needs help to decide what colour his drums should be.

Download the picture, and make Monty as bright and colourful as you want. You can use your coloured pencils, crayons, felts, glitter, whatever you want. Get creative!

Monty's Maze

Can you help Monty find his bananas? He lost them when he was walking around Westfield but he’s getting hungry and wants a snack.

Download the picture, and see if you can guide Monty through the maze back to his bananas. He’ll be so happy.