Meet the Green Fairy

These school holidays we’re introducing you to the Green Fairy, New Zealand’s first virtual reality movie.

What can you expect?

Centred on a magical flying fairy that lives inside and lights up a traffic light, The Green Fairy is a film that has been developed right here in Auckland and is tailored specifically to kids aged 5 – 10 years.

Split into three chapters, Part 1 will be available to enjoy at your local centre these holidays. The kids will be able to fully immerse themselves in the Green Fairy’s world by putting on the VR Oculus goggles and following along with her story.

And while the kids wait for their chance to wear the googles they will be able to colour in their own augmented reality fairy house. Then once their Green Fairy room is all done and decorated just as they want, they can download the app and watch the Green Fairy tinker about in her room right in front of their eyes.

What does the Green Fairy get up to?

The Green Fairy is designed to put a little magic back into the world by placing fairies inside traffic lights. Part 1 sees the playful and cheeky fairy being peer pressured into getting a smartphone. But after venturing to get one, she finds herself running late to get back to her home at the traffic lights. As a result the traffic has built up and there’s a huge line of cars waiting for the lights to go green!

The next parts, which will be ready and released later in the year, will then follow the story further as she has to learn the consequences of snatching a smartphone from a pedestrian and then the ensuing adventure to get it back to the owner through the help and support of the Red Fairy and the Green Man.

For more info and to follow the Green Fairy more, head to www.followthefairy.com or find out when The Green Fairy is at your local Westfield centre these holidays.

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