Tummy rumbling, cookie munching fun

Cookie Monster

Leaving a trail of cookie crumbs behind him, Cookie Monster has been munching his way around the country, popping into our centres along the way.

With the crowds nearly as large as his belly, everyone was eager to meet the adorable blue monster and get a few snaps as well. There were some pretty big hugs, a lot of big smiles and some striking poses (mainly from Cookie himself – he likes the attention). We even had some decked out in full-on Cookie attire and others bringing their mini Cookie Monsters and Elmos along to say hi.

There was plenty of other free, fun activities for the kids to do as well, including decorating their own cookie. With sprinkles, marshmallows, and icing aplenty, the kids were creating some seriously scrumptious cookies – although we’re sure they didn’t last long once they’d taken them home.

Maybe they had heard Cookie’s belly rumbling, but some selfless little ones even took their homemade cookies over to Cookie Monster in order to fuel his hunger.

Being the friendly and inviting monster that he is, Cookie had everyone wrapped up in his arms in no time, including some of the parents. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to pull on everyone’s heart strings.

Cookie decorating
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster

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